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We welcome visitors and respect their privacy, and would like to take a moment to explain how we gather information through this web site, and use it.

This web site is designed and maintained by Cymnet, for and on behalf of the Welsh Free Flight Federation.
The site makes extensive use of CGI scripts, Perl scripts, and PHP forms. All information gathered through these scripts and forms is used exclusively by the Welsh Free Flight Federation for administration purposes, and by Cymnet to assist in the administration and development of this web site.

The information gathered is never sold to third parties, or knowingly passed on to any party other than those declared above, unless this is required by law.

The information gathered through this site is primarily used by the Federation to: We also gather information to assist with maintenance and development of this web site. This information is primarily used to repair broken links, and to improve the content and delivery of information. The following examples illustrate the sort of information we gather for this purpose: Most of this information is provided by site access reports generated by software on the server.


Whilst no web site can ever be 100% secure, we do endeavour to take appropriate precautions to ensure an acceptable level of security for all critical or sensitive personal data held on this site.

No Credit Card information is held or processed on this site.

Most of the scripts used on this site are heavily customised, or written specifically for this site. All scripts are tested extensively before deployment for public use.

Email links on all static pages use script calls to write the real address to a new browser window on the fly. This should make it harder for spammers to successfully harvest email addresses from the pages where it is used.

Form Mail is not used on this web site. Form submissions use a PHP script instead. The information submitted is emailed to the appropriate Federation officer, and logged to a data base located outside of the public area of this web site. This acts as a backup in the event of lost or corrupted emails.

Some web pages on this site are interactive, and permit visitors to insert information directly on to the page. These pages are written on the fly from information held in a data base. The data base is located outside of the public area of this web site. It may however still be possible for spammers to harvest email addresses from the interactive pages themselves. Interactive pages currently available include:
We log all errors, including failed attempts to open password protected directories. Where appropriate, IP addresses are also logged so that we can investigate and if neccessary report any attempted or actual abuse of our systems.

Terms and Conditions

The viewing of any page on this web site is subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.

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