Use of the H symbol.

Use of the H Symbol

Hang glider and paraglider pilots are reminded that in the UK an "H" symbol is used as an emergency ground to air signal to warn pilots to "clear the air as a helicopter is expected".
The "H" displayed should be at least 2.5 m long and made as conspicuous as possible.

This is best achieved by aiming for the maximum colour contrast between the "H" and the hill or surface on which the symbol is displayed. Always secure the items used to form the "H" so that they aren't unduly disturbed by turbulence or down draught.

An "H" can be constructed quite simply using items readily to hand. For example, two rolled up paragliders laid side by side with the glider bags used to form the join, or a de-rigged hang glider alongside its storage bag, with a hang gliding harness used to form the join.

The "H" symbol is not intended to replace the international "X" (medical assistance required) or "V" (assistance required) symbols, and pilots are advised to remember the different meanings of all these symbols and act accordingly.

In an emergency the last thing an approaching Air Ambulance should have to cope with is a sky full of hang gliders and paragliders oblivious that a serious accident has occurred.

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