Safety and Training.

Safety and Training

Clubs within the Welsh Free Flight Federation usually have a team of coaches, willing and able to guide newly qualified pilots through the tricky transition from school to club, and to assist more experienced pilots to progress through the BHPA Pilot Rating Scheme. Details of the discount given on BHPA membership to pilots who have achieved a Pilot or Advanced Pilot rating can be found on the BHPA Fees & Suplementary Charges page.

Club coaches are also able to offer useful advice to pilots unfamiliar with local sites and flying conditions. If you‘d like to know more about the coaching opportunities within any Federation Club, please contact the appropriate club.

Advanced pilot training is also available at a number of schools in this country and abroad, and you can learn at first hand what it‘s like to take an Advanced Paragliding Course in the Alps, or to take a Paragliding Conversion Course in SE Wales.

The following additional sources of safety & training information are currently available:

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