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 Wales   Cardiff
Email: Louise
Do you fly: I fly hang gliders
Club membership: Looking for a club near Cardiff
How did you find us: BHPA Link
Message: Hallo I want to join a club in Wales. Can you help? I have started hang gliding training. I have a glider and would like to know where I can store it to minimize transportation. Thanx, Louise
Posted: August, 10, 2010    

 United Kingdom   Wrexham
Email: Ian Home
Do you fly: No
Club membership: North Wales Hang-gliding & Paragliding Club Snowdonia Sky Sports
How did you find us: UK Club Link
Message: Can you amend the NWHGPC club contact to myself as above, in place of Stu Harrison Thanks
Posted: May, 24, 2010    

 United Kingdom   Cardigan
Email: Anthony Price
Do you fly: I fly various types of aircraft
Club membership:
How did you find us: Search Engine
Message: I currently fly paramotor in the west wales area and also would like to make contact with other like minded enthusiasts.
Posted: October, 2, 2007    URL Hit(s): 14,494

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